July 20, 2015

Post Ramadhan

Today is the 4th day of Eid. This year, my Eid celebration is not that meriah like before. I've lost the vibes of celebrating Hari Raya. This Raya is not as fun as before. There's something missing. A very important component,that make my Raya,fun and exciting. Opah. The  woman that I love and respect in my life. When she passed away, i know that things would be different. Next, i don't know why this raya is so hambar. I don't feel like celebrating Eid,anyways. Maybe, because of Ramadhan. This Ramadhan is the most joyful Ramadhan. This Ramadhan i feel the joy of doing ibadah. 'Holy month' they said. It made me sad, knowing that Ramadhan this year,is the fastest. Time flies so fast and i can't believe that it actually over for 4 days.I still can't move on. I am going to miss Ramadhan. My sabr were tested during this month and alhamdullilah, i passed. I am excited for next Ramadhan. Till we meet again,Ramadhan :)

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Aini Shah said...

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