May 8, 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

It has been a long time. Man, it is a long time. Well i hope that i can spare some of my time here. Tbh, i do miss writing and sharing my thoughts here. Let's make the 2 years story short. Basically, i have finished my diploma at GMi last year. Alhamdullilah, I graduated with first class honor. Also, my FYP, was a success. There were so much to be thanked for. Family,friends and of course, memories. Ada yang sedih and ada yang happy. Through out my three years of Diploma, i've met lots of people with different backgrounds. Each one of them had taught me many valuable lessons. Also, i've gone through a few heartbreaks too. I thought he was the one,but nah idk. Maybe he was the one, but the time has not come yet. idk, Apa-apa je lah enn. Heartbreaks are is a part of life experiences enn? lol. K let's move on.

Now, i am currently studying at UMP Pekan. Yes people. I'm back in Pahang for another 2 years. I know, semua orang tertanya enn why stuck kat Malaysia lagi. K folks,chill. Here is my explanation. First of all, I applied kat Queensland University in Australia. And yes, alhamdullilah. I got the offer. Unfortunately, MARA have better plan for me. So, they want me to continue my studies kat Pekan, and then only fly to Germany. At first, i was upset. Not just me,my family pun sama. They are all macam berkabung for me. I even cry the whole day sebab kuciwa :( Ye lah, i worked hard to you know to get my ass to Australia. Sigh. But, Allah is the best planner kan? I just put all my trust on Him. Someone once said, "If Allah brings us to it, He will help us through it". Have faith. If Allah wills, insya Allah ke HsKa lew sayaa. Doakan ye. :)

Degree life is much hectic and tunggang terbalik as hell. So different from diploma. Idk about matrics or foundation etc, diploma ni chillax sikit. lol. I'm in my second semester and yet i still struggle to cope with my studies. Well starting is always the hardest kan? This is my second time, being away from my family. Homesick? Not really. Maybe i used to hostel life. I pernah masuk asrama kat Kuantan, remember? XD Well i guess that is it. Nak tulis panjang-panjang macam out of idea. So that was it. Hopefully i will write something on this blank pages. Insya Allah.


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