March 29, 2015


There is a girl, who loves to mess around her favorite man. She just can't make herself stay still whenever he is around. He seems to get used to this pathetic girl. He knows her very well. Her laughs, her sorrow, her insecurities, her dreams, her favorites, everything about her inside and out, he knows. That is what makes her love being around him. His smile could make the world stops. The only man who can make her feel safe in his arm. The one who is truly understands what she had been through. The one who will always lend his shoulder for her to cry on. The one who always wipe her tears using his rough fingers. The one who knows how to bring out the best of her. Also, the one who will always call her on Sunday and say ‘Kakak dah makan?’ The best man I’ve ever known in my life. Ayah. My favorite man.

Sem 3 is totally driving me crazy. Projects, assignment, drawing yada..yada..yada.. make it all worst. Since that I rarely got the chance to chill at home, Ayah decided to 'abduct' me while i'm working on my  English project. It was a sweet escape though. Finally, I am able to be free from all sorts of projects. He took me to my favorite place and we had our lunch. It was rainy that day, which makes me feel a bit emo,idk why. Maybe I was longing for this moment for a very long time. We talked a lot, like  always. Some random stuff, a little bit about Kiki and Kiko, his pokok pelam that never grow, our neighbor next door and many more. He told me that he bought me some chocolates and how he managed to finish up his work in a few hours. Yes, I like that kind of conversation with Ayah. It never bores me. We laugh hard while enjoying our ABC. Damn it was fun.

‘Ayah nak pisang’ I said. He just nodded and drive. We talked and talked until we found a few groceries shops near UKM. It was raining heavily. At first,I wanted to buy the bananas myself, but he insisted to buy. ‘Nanti demam’ he said. Without covering his head with anything, he ran across the street and entered the shop. A few minutes later, he got back into the car with the bananas. His shirt wet, but he don’t mind as long as I get my bananas. That was sweet,Ayah. I do appreciate that. Our sweet escape ended the moment he sent me back to the hostel. 

Maybe it is true. Parents’ love for us is more than enough. Their love is like  'menatang minyak yang penuh’. Hope that I can be like Ayah one day. My favorite man, now and always, Ayah. :)

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