February 26, 2015

Teacher Wan

My mom reminds me of one of my favorite teacher in Kuantan. Teacher Wan. Back in Kuantan, whenever i missed home i always look for teacher Wan. I don't know the exact reason why i will look for her but she is the first person i will look for. I just want to look at her face and have some good conversations. Like talking to my mama. The first time i met her, when i was in form 4. I'm new to that school so yeah, homesick is kinda my thing. I could still remember my first class, which is English. To be frank, i hate this subject. I have some kind of issue to deal with English. Yepp, the grammar, the past, present, future and everything about english i just hate it. But see now, i write my post mostly in English. Thanks to this teacher. She change my perspective towards english. Well, now only i know that english is not that bad though.

What i like about teacher Wan is she is just like my mother. Her face, i swear she looks almost like mama. How i cannot miss home? She acts,speaks and treat her students just like a mother. I never met a teacher like her. Oh wait, no. She's the second teacher. The first was Puan Najimiah. My BM teacher back then in Seksyen 3. Hmmmmm, i wonder how Puan Najimiah doing right now? Still mendidik anak bangsa, cikgu? Teruskan perjuangan cikgu :) 

I could still remember the day, when she asked me to join the debate team, i was like nooooooo. I totally have no idea why i'd been chosen to join the team,but i just don't want. She keep on saying 'cmon putri,just give it a try. i swear you won't regret it.' She was right people. She made me change my mind and i joined the team. It's just for internal competition duh. Well, at least, i had fun. Debate is cool you know.  You argue based on facts, not just what we called that oh 'cakap kosong'. Unfortunately, i was not selected for the external competition. It's okay. At least i got some experience from the internal competition. And it was precious. 

When i was in form 5, writing essay was a big deal for me. I just don't know what to write on this three blank pages. I started to give up on my english. I was hoping i will get B for SPM. And again, teacher Wan was there to rescue me from giving up. She helped me a lot for my essay.She helped me from scratches. I, sometimes think that she spend most of her time checking my absurd essays rather than spending her free time chilling with her friends in Bilik Guru. She said with a smile on her face "it is my duty to help you to do better. And I believe you can excel this subject. I trust you Putri" That touched the core of my heart. Even when i was on my semester break, i would email her my essay. She corrected and send back to me. Thank God I got A for English. Teheee.

I was shocked when i received news saying that her son,Izzat, had passed away. I couldn't imagined how broken she is right now. I know she loves Izzat so much, that's what mother do right? Giving love to her children unconditionally and passionately. She would give everything she had just to make sure her son is getting better, I don't know what to say to her. I was speechless. Losing a child can change someone's life. Forever. I really hope that you will always stay strong,teacher. She used to tell me a lot about her son,Izzat. The naughtiest and hyper little kid. I never met this little boy, but i am sure that he used to make his mother smile even on rough days.  May Allah grant you Jannah my little Izzat. Amin. 

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