February 22, 2015

I started to question every single thing that happened to me lately. WHY? This word lingering in my head for months. Till now, i still have no answer for that. Why everything started to fall apart? Everything.Like,the friendship that we've build for years, seem to break into pieces. I just don't understand. Why all of the sudden, kawan? Why do you keep yourself away from me? Tell me. I'm eager to know.

I was depressed,of course. I used to lose my friends a long time ago. It hurts like hell. I can't even bear with the pain that running inside me. It's killing me slowly. And again,i was depressed as hell. Since then,i tried my best to avoid that from happening again. I even draw lines, to make sure that no one will ever cross the lines.

The feeling of losing friends, scares me. But when i met them, everything changed. It changed my world,like forever. They gave me something that no one could ever gave to me,no not even my parents. A true friendship that i could never ask for. And it was the best thing i ever had in my life.

I thought that was it. The 'losing friends' phase has gone but i was wrong,again. This thing is happening to me right now. Maybe, it's a part of growing up. You'll start to lose people in your life, even the ones who give you something precious. So i guess it's the time for me to grow up.  

Danke für die Erinnerungen lieben Freunde. 

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