February 17, 2015

I wanted to write something encouraging to pick myself up. but I'm tired of lying to myself. Saying that "I'm okay" with a fake smile on my freaking face,when the truth is, i am not okay.

So what if I'm broken? No ones care, though. Not now ,not tomorrow.I will pick up the pieces tomorrow, next week or even next year. There is no expiry date in fixing yourself. It is an ongoing process. Who cares if you have been broken for too long? Maybe you are meant to be beautifully broken. Have you seen shattered glass, people? I think that they are beautiful.

Maybe it is okay to admit that you are lonely or scared or sad or angry or whatever you are feeling right now. Maybe this is the time for you to acknowledge your feelings. Then, you can do something about it. 

Seriously, we are human. You are allowed to feel all sort of feelings on this pathetic world we live. Just remember one thing,never forget to feel happy too. 

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