January 10, 2015


Alhamdullilah. The semester break is finally come to an end. I had so much fun during my semester break. My holidays are well spent with my beloved family. Nothing better than spending your time with your family. My family are my everything. Someone once told me 'people come and go, but family stays no matter what'. Hands down,i'm agree to this. And i know, they all love me, no matter how annoying, cheeky and sarcastic i am. Annoy my siblings is a part of my job as a sister. I can't stop myself from kacau them all day.

And there's Iman,making faces when i told him i don't want to treat him ice cream. Eleh, jet jet comel je dia ni. The truth is, he's cute. Warrrgghhh. Haih. Be a good boy eh Iman. And don't eat too much ice cream tau.

I'm going to miss the moment i spent with my family. Sigh. Three weeks were like three minutes. Time flies so fast and yes,i'm getting old. Can't believe i'm nineteen. The last year of being a '-teen'. And yes, i'm going to start my job as semester 3 students this monday. I try to be excited to enter the new semester. InsyaAllah,i will try to be a better student.

So, i guess that's it. Toodles!

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