December 29, 2014

District 21:Enter At Your Own Risk

Assalamualaikum (:

Have you guys ever been to IOI City Mall? The one that located at Putrajaya? Well,you should get your ass there,fella. The mall is quite big and there are hell a lot of foods that you can find there. You can eat to the fullest,if you want to. :D So,what draws my attention in IOI City Mall? Besides ice skating (which i don't know how to skate) there is a theme park inside the mall. District 21. It is an indoor park where you can do some exciting stuff. Exciting stuff like wall climbing, pump track, free fall, the maze and many more. What are the attractions in District 21?

  • Roller Glider – A world’s first attraction, a mix of zip line and coaster with applied G-force.
  • Power Station – Similar to rock climbing but you’re climbing walls
  • Go Pedal – Human-powered karts like Go Karts but you need to pedal yourself. Hmm..
  • Pump Track – A course of bumps, jumps and berms (?) designed to allow you to ride continuously without pedalling. You can choose to use a bike, scooter or skateboard.
  • Sky Trail – The largest indoor rope challenge course in Malaysia that offers 23 elements of varying difficulty.
  • Low Ropes – For younger visitors, it’s a scale version of the Sky trail.
  • Launch Pad – It’s a huge trampoline where you can play, jump and practice your slam dunk.
  • The Maze – A place where you need to navigate through a vertical labyrinth of tunnels, cages and funky challenges. The maze is enclosed so no harness is needed. Some spots are 10m high.
  • Free Fall – Gives you the opportunity to experience free fall like jumping out of a plane or doing a parachute jump.
  • Tubby Ride – Sit on a tube and slide down a slope, the feeling is similar to sliding down a snow bank during winter.
  • Carousel – the standard stuff, you know this already. 

Source : Google Image
I've been longing for this kind of activities for such a long time. The last time I had this kind of activity was like 2 years ago,when I was in Kuantan. The activities inside this park is suitable for all age. The normal price for the ticket is RM75 per person. Luckily, I got only RM55. Because it's pre-opening. The price (for me) is affordable. You'll be provided with a pair of gloves and a pair of socks. Yes,you can take them home.Teheee. Oh oh,make sure you wear shoes eh. No slippers are allowed.

The best part of this park is,the ticket is valid for one day. Yes. One whole day. You can stop for lunch and solat, then you can come back and continue playing in the park under one condition. Do not take off your wristband. Or otherwise, you are not allowed to enter the park again. The park is open daily at 10 am to 10 pm. So,you can spend the whole 12 hours playing in the park. Main sampai lebam. Haha. No worries guys. You'll safe equipped. They also will provide you safety equipment for each activity. Crews that handle each activity are well-trained. So, play with no worries! 

The activities is not just exciting and fun,it also boost your self confidence. Yes. Self confidence. You can overcome your fear. As for me,it helps to overcome my fear of height. Yes,I'm afraid of heights. But hey,I managed to overcome this thing. (a big clap for me). Moreover, you can train your brain to concentrate during the activities. And many more. So,give it a try guys! It worth your money. :D

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