December 20, 2014


Well i guess, i don't have a valid reason why i didn't put a title for this post. I just don't know why. It had been a while,quite a while since my very last post. The last time i post on this blog was like 2 months ago. Aigoo, it's quite long. I don't feel like writing or talking crap anymore on this blog. I literally have lost my interest in writing. Why? Simply because i have no idea what to share. Nothing fun and nothing interesting to be shared with you guys. Nahh, i rather keep my story to myself. 

I decided to give a little make over for this blog. Just a little changes that's all. I love the new make over. Simple and plain. I don't like fancy stuff by the way. Also, i have deleted some of my posts. I don't know why the hell i'm telling you this,but it seems that i'm running out of idea. Previously, i have about 120 posts on this blog. Now, only 33 remaining. That's more i like it. 

I won't write often. My schedule is like hell. Packed with all kinds of subjects. Assignments. Projects and so on. I don't even have time for myself (ok,this is the biggest lie ever) I do have time to play games and sleeps, but i got no time to spend with my friends. How pathetic is that? Maybe, during this semester break i get the chance to write (depends on my mood) 

I guess that's it. Nothing more to write, I'm so out of idea. Till we meet again peeps! 

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