September 30, 2014


Assalamualaikum (:

I believe that everyone of us has their own struggle in life. Well,same goes to me. I have been struggling the same thing for years. Self-criticism. Stage four self-criticism. Parah? Parah. But it's okay. Walaupun aku punya self-criticism sangat tinggi,but i still can think rationally. I didn't cut myself or take drugs or smoking and yada yada yada. Thank you Allah,for giving me a friend,yang always there for me whenever i'm down. I knw it sounds cliche,but hey that's the truth. Self-criticism dah mcm a disease dalam badan aku. Tapi lately,alhamdullilah. Makin berkurang. Maybe because i get boring asyik kritik diri sendiri jaa.  And tadi i was on my roller coaster mood. I wassap a friend of mine to have a lil chat.

So yeah. You know that life is not easy as we expected it would be.  Like what teacher Wan said " The mixture of pain and happiness,challenges and tribulations,makes life never easy. And because of that we know that we are alive. " and i agree with you teacher!

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